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General Conditions

 Schedule of Charges - General Conditions
  1.  The rates in this schedule are public and have been approved by the Board of the Mauritius Ports Authority.
  2. The Cargo Handling Corporation Ltd (CHCL) will, in line with the provisions of the Concession Contract between itself and the MPA, be the sole provider of handling services of containers.  It also assumes full responsibility for handling general cargo, some dry bulk cargo (fertilizer, maize, soya bean meal and coal) and fish and will charge for the provisions of these services accordingly.
  3. The tariffs shall be considered as ceilings and may be customized in line with the provisions of the Concession Contract.
  4. The CHCL may on request provide certain ancillary services and charge for the same.
  5. The charges are consolidated rates for labour and equipment and include all supervisory costs, traveling, overtime and other allowances.
  6. Where appropriate, the charges are fixed in dollars at the official customs rate as gazetted and in force at the time of arrival of the vessel at berth.
  7.  The vessel’s agents will, in respect of containers or general cargo handled from or onto the vessel, pay the fees (stevedoring charges) specified in the schedule.
  8. The consignors and consignees of containers and general cargo will pay the charges relative to shore operations.
  9. The receivers of bulk cargo will be charged for the handling services rendered by the CHCL.
  10. Unless otherwise stated, the rates quoted are per metric ton (MT) i.e. one thousand kilograms or one cubic metre whichever is the greater.
  11. Notwithstanding the contents of manifests, the CHCL may calculate general cargo fees by the weight of the cargo or its volume, whichever the higher, taking into account the actual measurement of the cargo.
  12. The CHCL will levy storage charges to consignors and consignees of containers and general cargo after free storage periods lapse.
  13. Where a consignee takes part delivery of a consignment, the CHCL will levy storage charges on the number of packages calculated pro rata based on either weight or volume of that part of the consignment so removed.
  14. All containers, packages and cargo deposited in the terminal and not removed at the expiry of the period of 21 days, or 42 days in case of transshipment, shall be considered as unclaimed goods and may be dispose of accordingly.
  15. Transhipment goods shall generally be as defined in the Ports Act 1998. They will be landed from a vessel and placed in the custody of the CHCL for the purpose of shipment per another vessel.  As a general principle, they will be on a through bill of lading at the port of loading of the goods and showing that the final destination is via Port Louis. However, these may be subject to negotiations.
  16. Transhipment rates shall apply upon written application prior to the goods placed in the custody of the CHCL.  The Agent of the first carrier will incur the fees for transshipment.
  17. Where there is no provision for any fee in respect of any facilities or services, a quotation may on application, be obtained from the CHCL.

    Where it is not possible or practical to make a quotation in an emergency, the CHCL, may render the service and charge accordingly.  Anything not provided for in this schedule will be settled in accordance with the customs of the port in agreement with the parties concerned.
  18. In the event of force majeure or in any other circumstances beyond its control, the CHCL does not bind itself to fulfill any of the conditions specified in the schedule.
  19. The liability of the CHCL will be subject to the provisions of the Ports Act 1998.
  20. The CHCL disclaims liability for which carriers are normally not liable as per the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act.
  21. The vessel will, where applicable, provide derricks, winches or cranes, rope slings and other necessary gear and will rig the same.  The CHCL will supply 20’ and 40’ spreaders, forklift trucks, nets, chain slings, trays, special gears for out of gauge containers and slings for heavy lifts, with the exception of heavy lifts or out of gauge containers of special nature.  Rail Mounted Containers Gantry Cranes will be provided for container handling operations at Terminal III.
  22. Credit facilities will be available to clients on request and upon production of the required bank guarantee valid for a minimum period of one year and renewable thereafter.

    Interest at the legal rate shall be applicable to all invoices paid after the allowable credit period.  CHCL reserves the right to review the penalty on late payment.

    In the event of non-compliance of payments; CHCL reserves the right to initiate legal action for recovery.

    All legal costs will be payable by the debtor, including but not limited to 10% Attorney’s Commission.

    CHCL reserves the right not to service a vessel should its invoices remain unpaid for prior services.
  23. All Shipping lines or their representatives will be required to sign a contract with CHCL in respect of services provided.
  24. Any clarification regarding tariffs will be sought from the Finance Department.