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Vision & Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of the CHCL is to offer reliable, quality and competitively priced services to support the economic growth of Mauritius and to be the port of choice for the region.

Our Goals and Objectives
  • To maintain Port Louis as a regional sub hub port
  • To maintain a level of productivity of international standard
  • To reduce the waiting time of vessels
  • To provide a reliable and competitive range of service
  • To strengthen customer care
  • To ensure maximum security of cargo
  • To enhance modern technology
  • To foster good industrial relations.

Our Strengths

In addition to a very long standing experience in cargo handling activities, our strength comes to the addition of the following
  • High Quality and Reliability of Service
  • High productivity (average 20 moves per crane hour)
  • Excellent gate in / gate out time (average of 15mins with introduction of MACCS )
  • Highly competitive tariff
  • High level of security in compliance with ISPS Code (through CCTV and dedicated Security crew)
  • Good industrial relations
  • Focused to Customer needs
  • Sophisticated equipment ( Post Panamax Quay Cranes, RTGs, Reachstackers)
  • Modern and highly performing IT systems ( accurate and reliable data – easy retrieval of information using Navis System)
  • Modern Communication Network (Fibre Optics connecting our worksites and RDT across Terminals)
  • Ample availability of stacking areas
  • Fixed Berthing Window